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Mortgage brokers vs Bank rep

Mortgage Broker Vs Bank Rep…Huge Difference!

As an independent Mortgage Broker, I clearly have decided that for my clients and my desired business and lifestyle, being a Mortgage Broker is a clear winner all around in delivering superior mortgage products and service, rather than being a bank employee. The general public and mortgage consumer frequently doesn’t understand or recognize the difference between a mortgage broker and a bank mortgage...

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Recreational Properties in Canada

As real estate prices remain high in Canada's urban centres, young families are looking for unique ways to finance their dreams of recreational property ownership.  In a recent survey conducted by Leger, more than a quarter (28 per cent) of Canadians with children under the age of 18 indicated they would consider selling their primary residence in the city in which they live in order to purchase a...

How the Rise in the BoC Rate Impacts Your Mortgage

By now you may have heard it: The Bank of Canada (BoC) just raised its overnight interest rates by 0.25%. This is the first time the rates have gone up in seven years. What does this mean for those in the South Okanagan who have a mortgage or are hoping to get one soon? Here’s a rundown of different scenarios: If you have a variable-rate mortgage Some 30 percent of Canadians have a mortgage with...

5 Tips for Getting Over “The One That Got Away”

Imagine you finally find the house of your dreams in the South Okanagan. It has everything you hoped for in a home, from the right countertops to the right landscaping. You spend hours envisioning the parties you'll throw in the backyard and the baths you'll take in the gorgeous soaker tub. But fate intervenes. For some unfortunate reason – perhaps a fierce bidding war or a fickle owner who decides to...

Find a Home with the Perfect Backyard BBQ Spot

Well it looks like summer is finally with us! So, as you tour homes in the South Okangan, do you stop in the backyard and visualize your friends and family fighting over the first burgers off the grill while the dogs play in the yard? If outdoor entertaining is a priority in your new home, here are four things to look for. 1. Space. You may be dreaming of an extensive outdoor kitchen, complete with...

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