December 2020

crush real estate penticton

Covid Christmas Crafts.

This Christmas, so many traditions have needed to change because of Covid-19. Why not change up your Christmas crafting projects with one of 2020s most sought-after household staple, the coveted toilet paper roll! Here are a few craft ideas for Christmas decorations using the toilet paper roll! The first task on a traditional Advent calendar chain. The amount of toilet paper rolls will depend on how...

crush real estate penticton

Home gym tips too good not to share.

This month's Realty Insights newsletter hit mailboxes today! The home gym tips were too good not to share.  Use Things Around Your Home as Your "Home Gym". As our homes, once again, become the center of our activity, health officials remind us to stay active, and continue to enjoy the outdoors even as the weather shifts. Regular exercise or activity can have a major impact on mental and emotional...

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