South Okanagan Home Selling Tips

Mortgage brokers vs Bank rep

Mortgage Broker Vs Bank Rep…Huge Difference!

As an independent Mortgage Broker, I clearly have decided that for my clients and my desired business and lifestyle, being a Mortgage Broker is a clear winner all around in delivering superior mortgage products and service, rather than being a bank employee. The general public and mortgage consumer frequently doesn’t understand or recognize the difference between a mortgage broker and a bank mortgage...

Crush Real Estate Christmas 2018

Light The Way.

It is about the time of year that many of you will be hauling out bins of holiday lights and boxes of decorations to transform your home for the season. As you carefully place garlands on top of the mantle, you may be wondering, is it really the best time to be listing my home? The answer is yes! Not only do tasteful holiday decorations make a home feel cozy and inviting, but studies prove that 'when we...

Staging Your Home Yourself

Staging your house is incredibly important! After all, you wouldn’t sell your car without making sure it looked its best. So, why wouldn’t you make sure your house is in tip-top shape before you put it on the market? Staging is one of the best ways to add value to your home for very little money. So what should you focus on first? Decluttering! Everywhere. From counters to walls to...

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