When all of the music on the radio disappoints, what do you listen to?


It can sometimes feel like everyone is in on a big music secret, and you never got the memo. So, if you’re not a tech savvy millennial, where do you find your current music? Through many years of music listening experience, through many varying platforms, here are three easy steps to discover fresh, new music; Shuffling Spotify playlists, viewing Pitchfork’s highest rated, and exchanging music with any individual as interested in cool content as you. Going into this how-to with an idea of what music you like already, or music to use as reference, can really help the process and lead to a more fulfilling outcome!

Step 1

The first step is to shuffle Spotify playlists. You could use any music platform, but Spotify by far has the most unique playlists that curate to you personally; ranging from songs to sing in the shower to women of the 80s. Usually at the bottom of an artist’s page you can find recommended artists or playlists that an artist appears on. Additionally, Spotify has hundreds of playlists of any genre, featuring new up and coming artists to discover at your disposal. So put on your fave sweatpants and get to it!

Step 2:

The second step is to peruse Pitchfork’s highest rated albums and songs! Pitchfork features music from every genre, and is a popular platform in the music industry to find new and innovative content. Not every highly rated album or song is good necessarily, but many that have been discovered, particularly indie and folk, are hidden gems. Their newsletter is also incredibly informative and keeps you up to date on all music news. Keep in mind, a lot of the highly rated albums on this platform, although rich with ingenuity and exotic drums, leave a bit to be desired and are essentially jibber jabber with the album cover of a Canoe balancing on a tree…because it’s abstract!

Step 3:

The third and final step to finding good music is talking to everybody about it! Talk their ear off! Make them hate you and your favourite band because now they know your entire family history and what you ate for breakfast. Grandparents, friends, parents, and the lady at Super Save can inspire you and introduce you to a whole other world of music. Personally, a customer at a restaurant I worked at introduced me to Emmylou Harris; my Uncle introduced me to Patsy Cline, and my Grandpa got me into Kenny and Dolly’s Christmas album. I am from a new generation, one that is completely different from my parent’s generation that loved Radiohead and Metallica- which is not my current taste, but I respect nostalgia. There is something beautiful to be found in every era, and it’s worth getting your hands a little dirty to find it.

Music is a collective experience that is meant to be shared, so get a little wild, and have fun with the whole experience. Also, be prepared to be handed the aux at every party!

Author : August McEwen.

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