CRUSH stories

Arizona hot air balloon ride.

While visiting Arizona this past week for a Real Estate conference a few of us decided to take an evening hot air balloon ride and watch the sun go down. I thought it would be scary considering I'm hanging out in a wicker basket with only a balloon and a flame to keep us in the air but turns out it was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. It felt extremely safe and offered...

Snowy sunrise

A day in the life of a Realtor.

It’s 7 AM, frosty and I’ve already driven 3 hours to pick up a set of keys from the sellers of the property I am scheduled to see. Half awake, the sellers wait with the keys in their new home because the agent they hired works 4 hours away and there’s no lockbox  on the property…not yet anyways, they haven’t gotten around to it. Now, my buyers are in the car with me as we pull up to...

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