A day in the life of a Realtor.

Snowy sunrise

It’s 7 AM, frosty and I’ve already driven 3 hours to pick up a set of keys from the sellers of the property I am scheduled to see. Half awake, the sellers wait with the keys in their new home because the agent they hired works 4 hours away and there’s no lockbox  on the property…not yet anyways, they haven’t gotten around to it.

Now, my buyers are in the car with me as we pull up to the beautiful rural property. It’s the dead of winter, the driveway leading to the house goes on forever and guess what, it hasn’t been plowed! “There’s nothing more magical than fresh morning air outside of the city!” I tell me clients trying to keep them from thinking about their frozen wet toes as we trek in knee-deep in snow up the drive. Note to self, always keep a pair of snowshoes in the car.

Snow prints

The keys to the property are warm and safe in my office until the home owner’s Realtor decides to pick them up or until the possession date as my buyers have put in an offer!  Being a Realtor isn’t always easy and straightforward (often fueled by lots coffee) but it’s definitely interesting!

Hot coffee in a mug

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