Yard maintenance.

yard work

As the weather starts to cool down, you’ll need to start to think about your fall yard maintenance. We’ve created this important checklist to guide you through.

Clean out the garden beds.
It’s a clever idea to clean out your garden beds in preparation for the winter. Rake out any debris, fallen plant matter, and weeds. Trim back any perennial plants along the sidewalk to make it easier to shovel in the coming months. You can also cover your garden beds with mulch or fertilizer for an added layer of protection.

Rake the leaves.
If your lawn is covered with leaves it’s a really good idea to rake these all up. If you have a large leaves a good tip is to use your lawn mower and mulch the leaves. You can discard of the leaves or use it for compost! Removing the leaves allows your lawn to breathe and absorb all the good elements, which also gives it a head start for the following spring season!

Clean out the gutters.
If you skip cleaning your gutters, leaves and other debris can clog the drainage and water begins accumulating. The water can eventually cause lots of damage to your roof.

Put away hoses.
Hoses left full of water over the winter can freeze dethaw and freeze again, potentially causing the hose to crack. Disconnect all hoses drain properly and store in a shed, abasement or somewhere dry.

Don’t forget your mower.
Before you put your lawn mower away for the winter, where to drain all gasoline from your gas powered lawn mower. Old gas can cause your lawn mower to not fire correctly in the spring.

Swap your tools.
The final preparation tip for today is changing your seasonal tools. Store your rakes, pruning equipment and gardening tools for the winter. Bring out your shovel, rock salt and snow brush.

Now that your yard is ready for winter, it will be easier to jump back into shape in the spring.

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