A Holiday Away.

Holiday tips

If you are lucky enough to get away this season on a holiday away, there are a few things to remember before you leave the house. As most people are aware, the holidays are prime time for break-ins and thefts. Thankfully, there are a few precautions to take that can greatly reduce the risks involved in leaving your home empty. 

Having someone pop in and check on the house while you are gone is incredibly important. However, that isn’t always possible. Another helpful option is having a friendly neighbor stop by and collect any papers that are delivered, as a newspaper pile-up is an obvious giveaway that you aren’t home. Another clue that you may not be home, is closing your blinds or curtains. As tempting as it is to pull down the shades so nobody can look in while you are gone, it actually has the opposite effect, and is a telltale sign that you aren’t there.   Many people use timers on indoor lights to create the illusion that family members are home during the evening. If you want to take it one step further, a product called WeMo is easily programmed to your mobile device. With this, you are able to control the lights from anywhere, and at varying times throughout the day or night. This method is less predictable than a timer set for the same time every evening.   Another temptation that many of us have, is to brag about our upcoming holiday, or to post to social media while away. You don’t know who will be listening or who will be reading your comments, so it is probably best to keep your close family and friends in the loop only. Plus, you can brag when you get back!   Lastly, make sure that your home insurance covers any possible accidents that could occur while you are away. It may seem like a no-brainer, but many policies include exclusions that can render them void. This may include the amount of days you are gone, or if a house-sitter is living in your home during this time.   

Of course, all of these tips are not meant to create paranoia, or deter you from leaving the house! The main idea is that you and your family can enjoy your holiday with a little peace of mind. Who would want to worry while sitting in the sand with a margarita?          

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