At home workouts for 2020.

After your New Year’s resolution to go to the gym in 2020 inevitably fell flat, as it did for many of us, and the cookie dough ultimately proved more intriguing than a sweaty sports bra, you may have been left with the question of what’s next? For many of us busy overachievers, working out at a gym is a luxury that we either are not able to afford, or don’t have the time to make work. Thankfully, I have three ways for you to achieve your fitness goals in 2020, without the added expense of a gym and hassle of having to leave your home!

1- Pop Sugar fitness is one of the most versatile, accessible and all around fun channels I’ve found on YouTube for home workouts. They have options ranging from hip-hop dance workouts and Power Yoga, to 15minute ab sculpting workouts with only a yoga mat. The laid back nature of this channel makes it the perfect addition to your routine, and it’s so fun it honestly doesn’t even feel like you’re working out!

2 – MadFit is another channel similar to Popsugar Fitness that is just as accessible and easy to do at home. She is a vegan activist, chef and ripped workout enthusiast who specializes in short hiit workouts that pack a punch. In addition to this, all of her videos are coordinated to new upbeat music, and not to the daunting tick of a timer, which makes a huge difference honestly. This, along with her motivating zest and bright smile is the perfect combo for a weekend pick me up, or Monday morning crunch before work. Enjoy!

3 – A more gentle and easygoing alternative to these more fast paced channels would be one of my favourites, Thrive Through Yoga by Nicola Jane Hobbs. You can buy her book virtually anywhere for a decent price, and it contains hundreds of yoga poses, circuits, and several heartfelt entries about her own struggles with body image and healing. This is a one stop for all kinds of books, that despite being yoga, will get you sweating and put you in a calm and nurturing state of mind to start or end your day.

Hopefully these three workout options will help to keep you active in 2020, while also catering to your desire to stay home and chill. Say goodbye to dreaded gym runs and costly memberships, because the digital age says you can stay fit for free.

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