When it comes to navigating an overwhelming, complicated or unpredictable housing market (hello, 2021!), hiring a RE/MAX real estate agent is a good first step. Here’s why.

No one ever said real estate was easy. In fact, especially since March 2020, most homebuyers and sellers have probably muttered a much different sentiment under their breath.

But there’s good news: Even though the real estate market can be overwhelming, complicated and downright unpredictable, a RE/MAX real estate agent is ready to help homebuyers and sellers through the journey of “for sale to sold,” all around the world.

Yes, without the right real estate agent (or any real estate agent at all!), a lot of things could go wrong. But with the right real estate agent, a lot of things can go, well, right.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding which real estate professional to hire:

1.     RE/MAX agents can lead the way

In a transaction that can often be complex – especially when the housing market is tough – a RE/MAX agent can serve as a guide from the start. Armed with data and local expertise, these proactive housing experts are trained to see everything – including what others don’t. It comes with the territory for a brand whose agents help hundreds of thousands of families buy or sell a home each year.

2.     RE/MAX agents can hold your hand

Like a pacesetter in a marathon, a RE/MAX real estate agent can ensure the homebuying or selling process moves at just the right speed. An agent can help share information when needed (to avoid that “drinking from a fire hose” feeling), keep homebuyers and sellers on a realistic path, and serve as a support system while all parties work toward the same goal: a successful transaction. Deep knowledge and innate ability shouldn’t come as a surprise: RE/MAX leads the industry in professional designations and has more Certified Residential Specialists than anyone else (read: RE/MAX agents tend to know their stuff).

3.     RE/MAX agents can make it happen

It’s true – every 30 seconds, a RE/MAX agent helps someone find their perfect place. A winning mindset and the ability to problem solve doesn’t hurt either when it comes to successfully closing real estate transactions. For homebuyers and sellers who entrust RE/MAX agents with connecting them to the services and professionals they need, they know firsthand how RE/MAX agents can help keep the transaction moving and the end goal in sight.

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